Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Release for new project! Hana no Miyako de!

Hiya Yaoi fans!

Sora-chan here! I decided to take another breather project again due to that I'm not up for a super long track yet (as well I'm getting tired out due to personal reasons). Any ways I decided to take on Hana no MIyako de! This blcd will have two couples! Motoharu x Akira, Motoharu voiced by Hino Satoshi and Akira voiced by Nojima Hirofumi! And our old couple for the previous series~ Aikawa & Misaki ^^ (Aikawa voiced by Ono Yuki and Misaki voiced by Takeuchi Ken). So enjoy the track guys! There will be another track released on the weekend!


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bonus Release! Last Track for Hana no Mizo Shiru!

Hiya Yaoi Fans!

Sora-chan here! Since I was in a great mood I decided to translate the last track for Hana no Mizo Shiru for you guys :D So please enjoy ^^ As well I got help from an old member in proof-reading my script, since she had some free time (thanks sen-chan!). Anyways this ends another series~ But I will also be translating Hana no Miyako de as well so be in store for that! 

P.S. For the heads up if you guys didn't notice but if you wanted to know the title of the opening or ending songs, it's listed in the credits :D Thanks! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Release for this week! Hana no Mizo Shiru Track 2!

Hiya Yaoi Fans! 

Sora-chan here! Just for the heads up I'm still recovering! xD But anyways here's another Hana no Mizo Shiru track that I translated :D This overall has to be one of my favorites because it's very refreshing and sweet to listen too! (Good for my recovery xD) Anyways enjoy the track guys, and enjoy your week!

P.S. I finally got some time to re-design the tumblr blog :D So please check it out if you haven't already ^^ Till then see ya!~


New Release! Doing a breather project! Hana no Mizo Shiru!

Hiya Yaoi Fans!

Sora-chan here! I'm getting ill lately so I decided to do a more calming series for myself and decided to take on Hana no Mizo Shiru! I know I added another project along with all the other ones I got, but I really wanted to work on something light (if you know what I mean xP). Even though I'm getting sick, I still wanted to work on something so I decided to work on this BLCD :D As you know it if you don't already, Hana no Mizo Shiru already does have a manga that everyone should read because it's just very heart-warming and sweet! As well the artwork is really nice. Anyways the seiyuu pairing for this series is, Ono Yuki as Arikawa the seme (a university student) and Takeuchi Ken as Misaki (a university student who works in the lab, doing research with plants especially flowers). Anyways enjoy the track! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Release! FINAL part for Taishou Mebiusline Vol.4!

Hiya Yaoi Fans!

Sora-chan here! Since I have some time to spare as well relaxing today I decided to release the other half aka the final part for Taishou Mebiusline Vol. 4! Since I wasn't able to upload everything in one go because it was getting really late as yeah xD Anyways enjoy the second half! I will be working more on this series in the future as well! 

P.S. I also added a new page! The Comments page! So if you would like to leave a comment please do in the comments page! Thanks :D 

New Series! New Release! Taishou Mebiusline Vol.4

Hiya Yaoi Fans!

Sora-chan here! With good news!!! I've started another new project! Taishou Mebiusline Series! This BLCD is based on a BL game! Anyways I decided to work on this BLCD backwards from 4 to 1 because in volume 4, Hino Satoshi is voicing the Seme! And Hino Satoshi is one of my fav seiyuu's so I decided to take on this BLCD :D Anyways enough with me talking here is the track! 

P.S. I'm so tired =___= From rendering this video~ I have to split this video into 2 because the track was just too long xD It was 18 minutes in total!! But part 1 is only 12ish minutes~

Saturday, March 29, 2014

New Series! Hana to Usagi!

Hihi Yaoi Fans!

Sora-chan here! Sorry for the late video release~ I got pretty tired out yesterday so I couldn't release anything yesterday xP But tonight I finally finished something! YAY! And it's from a new series as well~ called Hana to Usagi :D This BLCD was cute and very light overall but the smex end was pretty good (in my opinion). The seiyuu's in this series is Nojima Hirofumi, playing as Aizawa the hikikomori that always wears a bunny head on top of his head because he's not use to human interactions. And then we have Shimono Hiro, playing as Kajiyama the deliverman who delivers packages to Aizawa's place. Anyways enjoy the track!